STL Joseph Garcia


STL Joseph García is a seasoned veteran in Law Enforcement Special Operations with over twenty years of experience. Throughout his career, he has served in various agencies' special operations units across multiple states. Joseph's expertise lies in handling high-risk operations involving reinforced structures such as prisons, jails, and courtrooms.

His reputation extends globally, having collaborated with multiple international prison agencies and their special operations units, approved by the Department of State. Joseph's core competency lies in mitigating and executing high-risk operations within prisons. He is widely recognized as the pioneer of modern-day corrections special operations within the US Prison System. He has been involved in numerous classified inmate insurrection operations, including hostage situations, major riots, high-risk cartel interdictions, and the transportation of international terrorists. Additionally, he has personally transported some of the FBI's top 10 most wanted violent serial murderers and criminals.


In 2007, during a major disturbance that required a multi-jurisdictional response, several issues arose with the K9 unit, resulting in injuries and collateral damage caused by the dogs. As a result, STL García's unit was assigned a project. In 2008, they embarked on a comprehensive search, testing, and evaluation program, conducting multiple trips to Europe. After months of research, a pilot program was approved and launched. For the first time in US history, the Giant Schnauzers were integrated into the Law Enforcement Special Operations community.

Initially, the program faced challenges as there was only a standard police program in place, which failed to meet the requirements set by chief administrators. The program was on the verge of being shut down. However, as a last resort, an option was presented to create a complete and separate classified special operations K9 program. After numerous beta testing and nearly two years of development, the nation's first Corrections Special Operations K9 was deployed in a maximum-security facility in 2010. STL García and his K9 partner, Max, played a pivotal role in successfully handling a major inmate insurrection.

Law Enforcement Contributions

STL García's contributions to the field of law enforcement are remarkable. He has designed groundbreaking programs and achieved several specialty skill sets, some of which include:

1. Introducing the first HP Giant Schnauzers K9 that operates 100% off-leash during all operations.
2. Pioneering the use of the SE532 Green Laser for inmate interdiction operations and detection, becoming the first full-time HP Giant Schnauzers in Law Enforcement to utilize this technology.
3. Achieving a near-perfect success rate of 99% bark on command only.
4. Training the HP Giants on man-made chemical substances such as Suboxone narcotic and Fentanyl.
5. Teaching the K9s multiple language commands.
6. Implementing the use of surveillance cameras during operational deployments since 2010.
7. Establishing the CSO K9 air deployment program in 2012, enabling the deployment of a solo operator with a K9.

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